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Here at Cobra Design we take site promotion very seriously indeed, meaning what’s the point having a nice new professional looking site if nobody can
find it?  The three main points in site promotion are as follows:~

1. Site Optimisation – Every website we design and build at Cobra Design is automatically optimised for the web no matter how much the site costs, also what we mean by optimisation is that it’s constructed in such a way with search engines in mind and therefore you will achieve a higher search
engine ranking due to this.

2. Search Engine Submission - Once again this is a automatic service if we design and build your website, this also is a subject where we have vast experience and we will know exactly what correct techniques would suit
your site best. Firstly we would spend quite a while studying what your potential rivals use to achieve their ranking and then using some of that Information along with our own, we would manually submit your fully
optimised site to many search engines and directories, this takes a lot of time
to get right but there are no “short cuts” in achieving a successful search engine ranking.

3. 6 Month Plan – Our philosophy at Cobra Design is that we don’t just see
you as a client but as a partner. This is the main reason why after your site
is launched and we have completed the above work, we don’t just say
“thanks for the business” and leave you too it. We continually monitor the progress of your website and it’s rankings and will automatically make any necessary “tweaks” to suit. This would continue for at least 6 months.

Please note that we also offer this service to people who have had their
sites built elsewhere, please call or email us for more details.

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